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Happening. Parade Day. Downtown.


::::: Saturday March 16th 2024 ::::

        7am Start Time

Yes. 7 am is the correct start time!


You may start whenever you want...but we start at 7 am..."Try to Keep Up"

***** We will start at 7 am at  TBD****



First 100 Members through the door get a Sponsor Swag Bag @ 7am

MUST be in a 2023 Jersey | MUST be 21+ | No grabbing a bag for a friend

Starting Location will have:

Free Breakfast for Members 

*while supplies last

Merch Booth so you can still become a member

Pick-ups for any online purchases not yet picked up (Last Chance!)

DJ Derten - Dancing - Shots!


BSI Apparel 130 N Lee St - Spokane, WA

Friday Event:

Meet n' Greet @ TBD

Chance to pick-up orders or purchase un-personalized merchandise

Saturday Schedule: 
Check "Schedule Tab


Sunday Event:

Hangover Brunch @TBD

**Previous years jerseys don't count for Saturdays events, but you are encouraged to wear previous years jerseys for the Friday night Shenanigans**

Official 2023 Hotel: 




Drinking is NOT Required | Always Drink Responsibly | Please have a DD, a ride planned, or a place to stay | 21+ Only| All locations have the right to refuse service

To become a member all you need to do is purchase a tee, hoodie or jersey either online with these pick up options:
*Pick up at BSI Apparel (130 N Lee)

*Shipping ends March 1st
*We will have *Limited* amounts of tees and jerseys available at the event

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